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Why people go to museums?

[Chuyên mục – Bài luận tiếng anh] – Topic: Why people go to museums?

Nowadays, more and more people travel to new countries or cities on their holidays. Many of them would like to visit museums when they take a tour to a new place. Why do they have this interest? Different people have different answers. In my opinion, I believe that the common reasons are given below.

The most important reason is that people can have the overall impression of a new place by visiting museums. They can learn all sorts of information in museums, such as history, custom, culture, science technology, and so on. As we known, things shown in the museum are reflected the real world. People can easily get the general ideas of a place.
For example, you can know how long its history has, who are the first comers of this area, what important events have been taken place, what kinds of life would be like in the past time, and so forth.

Furthermore, travelers want to learn as much as possible about a new place in a short time. For example, foreigners can know China well by visiting many kinds of museums in several days when they travel to Beijing. They can learn the Chinese history from ancient era to contemporary age in Chinese History Museum. They can find out the Chinese culture in Chinese Folk Culture Museum. They can realize the achievements of Chinese science technology in Chinese Science Museum.

In addition, numerous travelers can have fun in museums. For instance, Chinese craftworks are famous all around the world. Many foreign fans would like to visit Craftworks Museum when they come to China. They enjoy these fantastic things, and they even buy some craft gifts there.

All in all, due to the reasons I have talked about above, people would like to visit museums when they travel to a new place. They can get general ideas for a new place in limited time, and enjoy them.

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