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What do you want most in a friend?

[Chuyên mục – Bài luận tiếng anh] – Topic: What do you want most in a friend?

One good friend can have many characteristics that are very important. Intelligent, sense of humor or reliability is all desired characteristics that somebody whom we call friend should have. Personally, I prefer friends who are reliable. This is the most important characteristic that a friend of mine must have. I often need to trust a friend something or need to ask somebody to do a favor. That is because I prefer people trustable much to friends with any other characteristic. First, if we have friends, we need some support from them about our businesses. We need somebody on whom to trust our problems and experiences. This is one reason because reliability is the most important characteristics of a friend for me. Some years ago I had some problems with a former girlfriend, and needed to tell somebody about it. Because I had a very good and trustable friend, on whom to trust that experience, it was very easy for me to overcome those problems and finally decide to break my relationship. If I had not have that friend, I would not have been able to overcome the situation as fast as I did it.

Second, usually when we need help, our friends are the first people whom we go. So, we need trustable friends on whom to rely to do those things. Some years ago I was to be out home for several months. My wife had to stay at home alone; it was a hard experience for our marriage. However, thank to a friend on whom I could truly trust, the experience was not so difficult. In fact, my friend went by my home everyday and saw how she, my wife, was going on. I had only been able to give that responsibility to a trustable friend.

In conclusion, a friend who is reliable, is the most valuable treasure that one can have in life. The possibility of having a friend on whom to trust secrets, confidentialities, problems, etc. is very necessary and important value. Additionally, we need some reliable friends to ask for some favor and be sure that they will accomplish what we have asked for.


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