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Wh- Words And Wh- Questions

Các từ để hỏi (WH-WORDS) có thể được liệt kê như sau: – gia sư tiếng anh

When? – khi nào? => Hỏi thông tin về thời gian
Where? – ở đâu? => Hỏi thông tin về nơi chốn
Who? – ai? => Hỏi thông tin về người
Why? – tại sao? => Hỏi lý do
How? – thế nao?/bằng cách nào? => Hỏi cách thức, phương tiện
What? – gì? Cái gì? =>Hỏi về vật / ý kiến / hành động
Which (one)? – (cái) nào? => Hỏi thông tin về sự lựa chọn
Whose? – của ai? => Hỏi thông tin về sở hữu
Whom? – ai? (objective formal) => Hỏi về người (ở dạng tân ngữ)
How much? – bao nhiêu? => Hỏi về giá cả, lượng (không đếm được)
How many? – bao nhiêu? => Hỏi về lượng (đếm được)
How long? – bao lâu? => Hỏi về thời gian
How often? – thường xuyên như thế nao? => Hỏi về mức độ thường xuyên
How far? – bao xa? => Hỏi về khoảng cách

Exercise 1 : Choose the best answer a, b, c or d?

1. Do you know ___ language is spoken in Kenya?
a. which b. Who c. what d. how
2. ___ is your blood type?
a. which b. Who c. what d. how
3. ___ do you play tennis? For exercise.
a. why b. Who c. what d. how
4. ___ can I buy some milk? At the supermarket.
a. which b. Who c. where d. how
5. ___ much do you weigh?
a. which b. Who c. what d. how
6. ___ hat is this? It’s my brother’s.
a. which b. whose c. What d. how
7. ___ can I park my car? Over there.
a. where b. Who c. what d. how
8. ___ tall are you?
a. which b. who c. what d. how
9. ___ do you expect me to do?
a. which b. Who c. what d. how
10. ___ do you like your tea? I like it with cream and sugar.
a. which b. Who c. what d. How
11. ___ picture do you prefer, this one or that one?
a. which b. Who c. what d. how
12. ___ is that woman? – I think she is a teacher.
a. which b. Who c. when d. how
13. ___ book is this? It’s mine.
a. which b. Who c. whose d. how
14. ___ do you usually eat lunch? At noon.
a. which b. When c. what d. how
15. ___ do you wash your clothes? – every day.
a. which b. Who c. what d. How often
16. ___ does your father work? At City Hall.
a. where b. Who c. what d. how
17. ___ usually gets up the earliest in your family?
a. which b. who c. What d. how
18. ___ do you think of this hotel? It’s pretty good.
a. which b. why c. what d. how
19. ___ does your father work at that company?
Because it’s near our house.
a. which b. who c. why d. which
20. ___ dances the best in your family?
a. which b. who c. What d. How
21. ……………… do you want? ~ A box of chocolates.
a. What b. Which c. Who d. How
22…………… is this building? ~ It’s about two hundred years old.
a. How long b. How far c. How old d. How
23. ……… money do you earn? ~About £250 a week.
a. How much b. What c. How many d. Which
24. ………………. bag are you carrying? ~ Judy’s.
a. Which b. What c. who’s d. Whose
25…………………. first stepped on the moon? ~Neil Amstrong, wasn’t it?
a. Whose b. Who c. Where d. When
26. …is your new school? ~ It’s very big and friendly.
a. What b. How c. Where d. Which
27. ………………is it to tile post office? ~ About two hundred meters.
a. How far b. How long c. How often d. How much
28. ……………. is your national flag? Red and yellow.
a. What b. Which of color c. What color d. Which
29. …………….do you take a holiday? ~ Once a year.
a. When b. How long c. What time d. How often
30. ……………is Greg like’? ~ He’s tall and thin with brown hair.
a. What b. How c. Who d. Whom
31. …… did the. Second World War end? ~ in 1945.
a. Where b. When c. What time d. How long.
32……….is a half of football? ~ forty-five minutes.
a. What time b. How often c. How lone d. When
33……………….. of holiday are you interested in?”~ package holiday.
a. Which b. What c. Which kind d. What kind
34…….. hand do you write with? ~ My right hand.
a. Which b. What c. Whose d. What sort of
35…………. did the package come from? ~ London.
a. When b. Where c. Which d. Who

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with do, does,did, is, are, were or was.

1. Where_________she work?
2. When_________you finish school every day?
3. Why_________you like that movie?
4. When __________you born?
5. When the game tonight?
6. Why_________you come late last night?
7. What your name?
8. Where my jacket?
9. Why______he late for school yesterday?
10. How old your parents?
11. When Dan often eat dinner?
12. What the answer to this question?
13. Where__________you yesterday evening?
14. How the boys like the class?
15. When __________you spend you last summer holiday?
16. How often_________the children play soccer?
17. Where you live?
18. How you now?
19. When they come to school?
20. Why__________she sad last night?
21. Where she work?
22. Why Kim sad?
23. Who your teacher?
24. What their names?
25. What__________you do two weeks ago?
26. Who you sit with in class?
27. When the boys go to sleep?
28. How Tom like his new car

Exercise 3. Write the questions to which the underlined words are the answers:

1. He was born in Hanoi.
2. My mother was born in 1950.
3. I live at 3 Le Loi street.
4. It’s very hot in HCM in March.
5. It takes two hours to ride to Vung Tau by motorbike.
6. It’s Mr. Dawson’s car.
7. I go to school by bike.
8. My sister speaks English fluently.
9. Lan drank your lemon juice.
10. Her brother weighs 50 kilos.
11. I started to learn English 6 months ago.
12. This bridge is 5 meters long.
13. She felt tired.
14. My mother goes shopping once a month.
15. He was absent from school because he felt sick.
16. Mr. Pike enjoys travelling.
17. There are ten trees in the garden.
18. The cat is in the box.
19. Those are her pencils.
20. Her brother has breakfast at 6 o’clock every morning.
21. My mother works in a hospital
22. Mr. Nam goes to work by car every day
23. This shirt costs 150,000 VND
24. John bought his wife a lot of flowers
25. My brother is learning English because he wants to get a good job.

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