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Từ vựng tiếng anh luyện thi Đại học (Phần 4)

[Chủ đề luyện thi ĐH môn Tiếng Anh] – Từ vựng tiếng anh luyện thi Đại học (Phần 4).

Trung tâm gia sư tiếng anh Hà Nội cung cấp gia sư sinh viên, giáo viên tiếng anh có khả năng giảng dạy tại nhà cho các em học sinh từ lớp 1 đến lớp 12, ôn luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia, tiếng anh giao tiếp cho người đi làm, …. Mọi thông tin cần hỗ trợ tư vấn đăng ký học tập vui lòng liên hệ theo số máy: 0936.128.126 (Hỗ trợ 24/7).

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following:

300. Affected by the Western cultures, Vietnamese young people’s attitudes _______ love and marriage have dramatically changed.

a. for                                              b. with                                    c. through                              d. towards

301. Mr. Pike held his wife’s hands and talked urgently to her in a low voice, but there didn’t seem to be any response.

a. feeling                                        b. emotion                             c. reply                                   d. effect

302. Socially, the married _______ is thought to be the basic unit of society.

a. couple                                        b. pair                                     c. twins                                   d. double

303. Professor Berg was very interested in the diversity of cultures all over the world.

a. variety                                       b. changes                             c. conservation     d. number

304. You are not _______ to say anything unless you wish to do so.

a. obliged                       b. willing                                                c. equal                                  d. attracted

305. A woman can never have a happy married life without _______ her husband.

a. demanding                               b. agreeing                             c. trusting                     d.determining

306. ______ you wanted to ask your teacher a question during his lecture, what would you do?

a. As                                               b. As if                                   c. Even of                              d. suppose

307. If a boss wants to have a well-qualified staff, he should have to pay his employees _______.

a. appropriate                                b. appropriately c. appropriation   d. appropriating

308. There was a _______ tremble in her voice, which showed that she was very nervous at that time.

a. slight                                          b. slighted                              c. slightly                               d. slightness

309. If something _______ your attention or your eye, you notice it or become interested in it.

a. pays                                           b. allow                                  c. catches                              d. wave

310. When you are in a restaurant, you can raise your hand slightly to show that you need assistance.

a. bill                                                             b. menu                                                 c. help                                    d. food

311. After a _______ hesitation, she began to speak with such a convincing voice.

a. rude                                            b. slight                                  c. small                                  d. impolite

312. He is one of the most _______ bosses I have ever worked with. He behaves rudely to not only me but also others in the staff.

a. thoughtful                                 b. impolite                             c. attentive            d. communicative

313. A whistle is the _______ for the football players to begin the match.

a. communication       b. instance                             c. attention                            d. signal

314. It is often considered to be impolite to _______ at someone.

a. look                                            b. smile                                  c. point                                   d. raise

315. A/an _______ is an official document stating that you have passed an examination, completed a course, or .achieved some necessary qualifications.

a. certificate                  b. requirement      c. education                          d. test

316. Peter is trying his best to study in hope that he will _______ fame and fortune in the near future.

a. lose                                             b. run                                      c. move                                                  d. achieve

317. She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university _____.

a. schedule                    b. education                          c. science                               d. technology

318. English is an important _______ that is required in several national examinations:

a. language                   b. test                                     c. evaluation                         d. subject

319. In the UK, _______ schools refer to government-funded schools which provide education free of charge to pupils.

a. state                                           b. secondary                         c. independent      d. primary

320. Mathematics, a required subject in all schools, is __ into many branches.

a. grouped                     b. prepared                            c. divided                               d. added

321. School uniform is compulsory in most of Vietnamese schools.

a. depended                  b. required                             c. divided                               d. paid

322. Regardless of whether schools belong to the government or are independent, they are _______ to adhere to the same curriculum frameworks.

a. told                                             b. required                             c. demanded                         d. taken

323. In Scotland, students transfer from primary to secondary education at approximately age 12.

a. compound                                b. base                                   c. change                               d. move

324. He was so ill that he could not _______ his final examination and cancelled it to the next year.

a. make                                         b. do                                       c. take                                    d. gain

325. Although he has not got necessary experience, he used to take a _______ in business administration.

a. curriculum                                b. course                                c. school                                d. class

326. A university is an -institution of higher education and research, which grants _______ degrees at all levels in a variety of subjects.

a. secondary                                 b. optional                             c. academic                          d. vocational

327. A _______ is an area of knowledge or study, especially one that you study at school, college, or university.

a. degree                        b. subject                               c. level                                    d. vacancy

328. Most _______ are at senior level, requiring appropriate qualifications.

a. degrees                      b. grades                                c. colleges                              d. vacancies

329. She reads newspapers every day to look for the vacant _______ for which she can apply.

a. institutions                                b. indications                        c. positions                            d. locations

330. He had been expected to cope well with examinations and _______ good results.

a. achieve                      b. consider                             c. last                                      d. object

331. He has not been offered the job because he cannot meet the _______ of the company.

a. requirements            b. applicants                         c. information                     d. education

332. A _______ is an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training.

a. vocation                    b. subject                               c. certificate                          d. grade

333. In many countries, prospective university students apply for _______ during their last year of high school.

a. achievement            b. information                      c. course                                                d. admission

334. Parents can express a _______ for the school their child attends.

a. prefer                                         b. preference         c. preferential                       d. preferable

335. The A-level (short for Advanced Level) is a General Certificate of Education set of exams _______ in the U.K.

a. taken                                         b. spent                                  c. met                                     d. indicated

336. In all cases, applicants must meet the course requirements _______ by the admitting institution.

a. written                                       b. listed                                  c. typed                                  d. valued

337. Students also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of _______ courses in the university.

a. compulsory                              b. optional                             c. required                             d. limited

338. Higher education _______ have risen this year for the first time in more than a decade.

a. applies                                       b. applications      c. applicable                         d. applicants

339. I am so _______ that I cannot say anything, but keep silent.

a. nerve                                          b. nervous                             c. nervously             d. nervousness

340. _______ speaking, I do not really like my present job.

a. Honest                                       b. Honesty                            c. Honestly                            d. Dishonest

341. A letter of _______ is sometimes really necessary for you in a job interview.

a. recommend   b. recommended   c. recommender d. recommendation

342. Her job was so _______ that she decided to quit it.

a. interesting                                 b. satisfactory                      c. stressful                             d. wonderful

343. Some days of rest may help to _______ the pressure of work.

a. reduce                                        b. lower                                  c. chop                                   d. crease

344. Can you please tell me some information that _______ to the job?

a. indicates                    b. expresses                           c. interests                             d. relates

345. Qualifications and _______ are two most important factors that help you get a good job.

a. politeness                  b. experience        c. attention                            d. impression

346. Before the interview, you have to send a letter of application and your résumé to the company.

a. recommendation     b. reference           c. curriculum vitae    d. photograph

347. _______ is increasing, which results from economic crisis.

a. Employment            b. Unemployment     c. Employ            d. Unemployed

348. Doctors have to assume _______ for human life.

a. responsible                                b. responsibly           c. responsibility     d. responsibles

349. Many children are under such a high _______ of learning that they do not feel happy at school.

a. recommendation     b. interview                           c. pressure             d. concentration

350. She likes meeting people and travelling so she wants to apply for a _______ of a receptionist or tourist guide.

a. location                     b. position                             c. site                                     d. word

351. To my _______, I was not offered the job.

a. happiness                  b. dream                                                c. joy      d. disappointment

352. Being well-dress and punctual can help you create a good _______ on your interviewer.

a. impression                b. pressure                             c. employment     d. effectiveness

353. She often reads newspapers and look through the Situations ______ columns every day, but up to now she has not found any job yet.

a. Article                                        b. Space                                                 c. Vacant                               d. Spot

354. Many people will be out of _______ if the factory is closed.

a. work                                           b. career                                                 c. profession                         d. job

355. Before _______ for a position, check whether you can fulfill all the requirements from the employer.

a. deciding                     b. applying                            c. requiring                            d. demanding

356. If you are _______ for a particular job, someone asks you questions about yourself to find out if you suitable for it.

a. paid                                            b. chosen                               c. interviewed  d. recommended

357. You should ask the interviewer some questions about the job to show your _______ and keenness.

a. anger                                          b. thrill                                    c. amazement      d. interest

358. No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.

a. expected                   b. unexpected       c. expectedly          d. unexpectedly

359. There will be powerful network of computers which may come from a single computing _______ that is worn on or in the body.

a. device                                        b. machinery                        c. equipment                         d. vehicle

360. In the future many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.

a. companies                                b. services                              c. supermarkets    d. farms

361. The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.

a. speed                                         b. expectation      c. improvement    d. treatment

362. _______ is the technology of sending signals and messages over long distances using electronic equipment, for example by radio and telephone.

a. Telecommunication                               b. Telegraph                          c. Multifunction                                   d. Information technology

363. Peter was asked to _______ to a newspaper article making predictions for technological progress in 10 years.

a. expect                                        b. invent                                                c. develop                              d. contribute

364. Strict ___ measures are in force in the capital to protect it from terrorism.

a. scientific                    b. normal                               c. transportation d. security

365. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and dish washers are labor _______ devices which help us do housework easily and quickly.

a. improving                                 b. making                              c. saving                                d. employing

366. Those companies were closed due to some seriously financial problems.

a. taken off                   b. put away                           c. wiped out                          d. gone over

367. We sometimes go away from the city to the countryside for a ______ of fresh air.

a. feeling                                        b. sip                                       c. swallow                              d. breath

368. Telecommunication is bound to have a huge influence on various aspects of our lives.

a. depression                                 b. technique                          c. expect                                d. impact

369. Many nations have laws offering protection to these species, such as forbidding hunting, restricting land development or creating ___.

a. agencies                    b. reserves                             c. awareness                         d. challenges

370. Being listed as an endangered species can have negative effect since it could make a species more desirable for collectors and poachers.

a. awareness                                 b. preservation     c. support                              d. impact

371. World Wide Fund for Nature was formed to do the mission of the preservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of natural resources, and the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

a. contamination         b. energy                                c. extinction          d. development

372. The Bali Tiger was declared extinct in 1937 due to hunting and habitat loss.

a. reserve                       b. generation         c. natural environment    d. diversity

373. It is found that endangered species are often concentrated in areas that are poor and densely populated, such as much of Asia and Africa.

a. disappeared              b. increased                           c. threatened         d. reduced

374. If an area is _______, all the trees there are cut down or destroyed.

a. endangered                               b. deforested         c. contaminated   d. polluted

375. Humans depend on species diversity to provide food, clean air and water, and fertile soil for agriculture.

a. raise                                           b. produce                             c. supply                                d. reserve

376. Many schools provide environmental education to increase students’ awareness of conservation needs.

a. effort                                         b. benefit                               c. exploitation         d. knowledge

377. the countries of the area have _______ to protect their wildlife but they are rarely enforced.

a. efforts                                        b. laws                                    c. results                                                 d. reserves

378. Forest dwellers had always hunted the local _______ but their needs had been small.

a. wildlife                       b. commerce                         c. reserve                               d. generation

379. To become a novelist, you need to be ________.

a. imagine                     b. imagination      c. imaginative       d. imaginarily

380. Since their appearance, books are a previous ________ of knowledge and pleasure.

a. source                                        b. pile                                     c. amount                              d. sum

381. Please give me some advice to buy suitable books for my ten-year-old girl.

a. recommendation     b. information                      c. fiction                                d. interest

382. The reviewer ________ Mathew’s new novel as a new style of modern science fiction.

a. chewed                      b. digested                             c. described                           d. drew

383. Can you ________ what it would be like to live without books?

a. imagine                     b. advise                                                c. describe                             d. understand

384. The final I _______ was 3-0.

a. score                                          b. scoring                               c. scorer                                                 d. scores

385. A penalty shot is _______ when a major foul is committed inside the 5-meter line.

a. prevented                 b. awarded                            c. committed                        d. ranged

386. The 22nd SEA Games was the first time when Vietnam finished top of the medal _______.

a. standings                   b. events                                c. spirits                                  d. programs

387. The ASEAN Para-Games is a biannual multi-sport _______ held after every Southeast Asian Games for athletes with physical disabilities.

a. games                                        b. event                                  c. work                                   d. situation

388. In beach volleyball, Indonesia defeated Thailand in straight sets to take men’s gold _______.

a. present                       b. award                                                c. medal                                                 d. reward

389. The athlete had tried his best to _______ his SEA Games title and records.

a. carry                                          b. perform                             c. defend                               d. support

390. He became Jamaica’s first Olympic gold medalist when he won the 400-meter _______ in 1948.

a. distance                     b. title                                     c. runner                                                d. sport

391. She won the race in _______ time and got the gold medal.

a. included                    b. durable                              c. rank                                    d. record

392. The International Red Cross has about 97 million volunteers whose main _______ is to protect human life and health.

a. mission                      b. experience                        c. organization     d. rule

393. The International Red Cross helps to ensure respect for the human being, and to prevent and relieve human _______.

a. protection                                 b. enjoyment                        c. wealthy                              d. sufferings

394. The International Committee Red Cross has about 12,000 staff members worldwide, about 800 of them working4in its Geneva _______.

a. factories                    b. companies                        c. headquarters    d. buildings

395. The Red Cross on white background was the original protection _______ declared at the 1864 Geneva Convention.

a. poster                                         b. billboard                            c. symbol                               d. signal

396. The Red .Cross is an international organization that helps people who are suffering from the results of war, diseases or _______.

a. victims                                       b. disasters                            c. opportunities    d. conditions

397. An international medical conference initiated by Davison resulted in the birth of the League of Red Cross Societies in 1991.

a. started                       b. helped                                c. treated                                               d. dedicated

398. In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and prisoners of war.

a. mounted                   b. excited                               c. devoted                             d. interested

399. _______ is a situation in which large numbers of people have little or no food, and many of them die.

a. Disaster                     b. Famine                              c. Poverty                              d. Flood.

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