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Từ vựng tiếng anh luyện thi Đại học (Phần 2)

[Chủ đề luyện thi ĐH môn Tiếng Anh] – Từ vựng tiếng anh luyện thi Đại học (Phần 2).

Trung tâm gia sư tiếng anh Hà Nội cung cấp gia sư sinh viên, giáo viên tiếng anh có khả năng giảng dạy tại nhà cho các em học sinh từ lớp 1 đến lớp 12, ôn luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia, tiếng anh giao tiếp cho người đi làm, …. Mọi thông tin cần hỗ trợ tư vấn đăng ký học tập vui lòng liên hệ theo số máy: 0936.128.126 (Hỗ trợ 24/7).

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following:

1.            The agency will let you know if they have any suitable…………….

A. vacancies                            B. abilities                                             C. activities                      D. capability

2.            Tom: “How do you do?” – Jerry: “…………………. ”

A. yes, OK                                B. Not too bad                                     C. How do you do?           D. I’m well

3.            A: “Bye!” – B: “ ………”

A. See you lately                    B. See you later                                   C. Thank you                       D. Meet you again

4.            A: “ I’ve passed my exam. ” – B: “…………………. ”

A. Good luck                           B. It’s nice of you to say so              C. That’s a good idea.                      D. Congratulations!

5.            A: “ Would you like to have dinner with me?” B: “ …………”

A. Yes, I’d love to                  B. I’m very happy                              C. Yes, It is                             D. Yes, so do I

6.            Peter: “ I enjoy listening to pop music. ” Mary: “………………. . ”

A. I’m, too                               B. I don’t                                              C. Neither do I                                    D. So am I

7.            Ann: “ Are you going to visit Britain next month?” Kim: “Yes,……………. . ”

A. I am                                     B. I do                                                   C. I like                                     D. I going

8.            Bob: “ James is a very brave man. ” David: “ Yes, I wish …………. . his courage. ”

A. had                                       B. will have                                          C. have had                          D. have

9.            David: “ You’ve got a beautiful dress!” Helen: “ …………. . ”

A. I do                                      B. Thanks for your compliment      C. You too                         D. OK

10.         Sue: “ I love pop music” Alice: “ ………………”

A. I do, too                              B. No, I won’t                                      C. Yes, I like it                       D. Neither do I

11.         Ann: “ What do you usually do on Sunday?” Mary: “ ……………. ”

A. I used to drive to work     B. I’d be sleeping all day                   C. I’m not doing anything               D. I usually sleep until noon.

12.         Jack: “ I’ve got to go, Sarah. So long. ” So long, Jack. And ……………”

A. be careful                            B. don’t hurry                                      C. take care                      D. don’t take it

13.         Mary: “ That’s a very nice skirt you are wearing. ” Julia: “ …………. . ”

A. That’s nice                          B. I like it                                              C. That’s all right           D. I’m glad you like it

14.         David: “ Happy Christmas!”  Jason: “ …………. . ”

A. You are the same!             B. Same for you!

C. The same to you                                                                               D. Happy Christmas.

15.         Tom: “ …………………. . ?”    Jerry: “ Once a week”

A. How often do you go shoppingB. How much do you want     C. Are you sure                                  D. When will you get there

16.         Peter: “ Sorry, I’m late. ”  Mary: “ …………. ”

A. OK                                        B. Don’t worry                                     C. Hold the line please                      D. Go ahead

17.         Davis: “ Good morning. My name is Davis. I have a reservation. ” Andy: “…………”

A. What do you want?                                                                         B. Yes, a single room for two nights?

C. I haven’t decided yet. What about you?                                     D. What do you like?

18.         Mary: “ I’ve got an interview for a job tomorrow. ” – Peter: “ ………. . ”

A. Thank you                          B. Same to you                                   C. Good luck                                      D. See you

19.         A: “Thank you for the lovely present. ” – B: “ ……………. . ”

A. Go ahead                            B. Not at all                                          C. come on                                         D. I’m pleased you like it

20.         A: Are you coming on Saturday? – B: ……………. .

A. I’m afraid not                    B. I’m afraid not to                            C. I’m afraid to                                  D. I’m afraid I don’t

21.         A: ………… do they travel abroad? – B: Once a year.

A. When                                   B. How                                                  C. What time                                      D. How often

22.         A: Do you think you’ll get the job? – B: ………….

A. I know so                            B. Well, I hope so                                C. I think so                                        D. Yes, that’s right

23.         A: I’m getting married next week. – B: …………….

A. Thanks, the same to you B. Congratulations!                            C. Well done                                       D. Sorry to hear that

24.         A: How’s life? – B: ………………

A. Sure                                      B. Not too bad                                     C. Fine, thanks                                   D. Pleased to meet you.

25.         A: Excuse me, what’s the time? – B: Sorry, I ………………

A. don’t see                             B. don’t have a watch                       C. won’t know                                    D. know

26.         A: Are you free this coming Sunday? – B: ……………

A. Yes, I will                            B. No, Thank you                               C. Yes, I can                                       D. I think so. Why?

27.         A: ……………………. – B: Certainly.

A. Welcome back                   B. What are you doing there?           C. I’m sorry I am late                       D. May I borrow a pen please?

28.         A: Are you hungry? – B: ……………

A. Yes, I do                              B. Soon                                                 C. Right now                                       D. Yes, a little

29.         A: Would you like some more tea? – B: ……………. .

A. Yes, please                          B. Here you are                                   C. It doesn’t matter                           D. I’m OK

30.         A: Hello, my name’s John. ……………… to meet you.

A. Please                                  B. I’m very well                                   C. Pleased                                           D. Thank you

31.         A: ………………? – B: He’s OK now.

A. What is he                           B. How is he                                         C. How tall is he                                 D. What’s he like

32.         A: Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift. – B: …………. .

A. You are welcome              B. Thank you                                      C. Cheers                                             D. Have a good day

33.         A: What’s your name? – B: ……………

A. Really?                                B. Pardon?                                           C. OK                                                   D. Forgive me.

34.         A: Thank you for a lovely evening? – B: ………………

A. Don’t mention it                B. I’m glad you enjoyed it                C. Yes, I’d like that                           D. Yes, that would be very nice

35.         A: I hope to see you again. – B: …………………

A. I hope so                             B. Good enough                                  C. Thank you                           D. I really enjoy meeting you too

36.         A: Would you like a cup of coffee? – B: ………………

A. Yes, thank a lot                 B. No, thanks you                               C. Yes, please                                     D. No, you are welcome

37.         A: Excuse me            – B: ……………?

A. What                                    B. Yes                                                    C. No                                                    D. Thank you

38.         A: Let’s meet for a coffee tonight. – B: …………….

A. I hope not                           B. I’m not afraid I can’t                    C. Yes, please                                     D. Yes, thank you

39.         A: ……………………. . ? – B: Yes, I want to send some flowers to my wife in Italy.

A. Do you like flowers           B. What do you like                           C. Can you help me                          D. Can I help you

40.         A: What’s …………. , Peter? You don’t look very happy.

A. matter                                  B. problem                                           C. the matter                                      D. that

41.         A: I passed my exam. -B: …………….

A. oh                                         B. Good luck                                        C. Congratulations!                           D. Thanks

42.         ”Have a nice weekend. ”-“…”

A. You are the same              B. The same to you

C. so do I                                                                                                 D. Will you?

43.         Would you mind if I smoke? -……. .

A. Never mind                         B. Yes, please don’t                            C. Not at all                                        D. Yes, please do

44.         Excuse me, is anybody sitting here?- …….

A. No,thanks                                                                                          B. Yes, I’m so glad

C. Sorry, the seat is taken     D. Yes, Yes you can sit here

45.         Shall we start now?-…….

A. Yes,we are                          B. Yes, let’s                                          C. Of course not                                 D. No, no

46.         Your desk-mate failed in the oral test? –“. . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

A. I’m sorry to hear that       C. Oh, I know

B. In which respect                                                                                D. It’s hard for me to express myself

47.         Don’t forget to come to my party tomorrow –“. . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

A. I don’t                                 B. I won’t                                             C. I can’t                                             D. I haven’t

48.         Must we do it now?-“No, ………”

A. you won’t                           B. you mustn’t                                    C. you can’t                                        D. you needn’t

49.         Would you like to go to the movie with me ?-“…. . ”

A. No,I wouldn’t. That’s boring                                                          B. I’d love to but I can’t. I’m visiting grandma with mom

C. Yes, I’d like to                                                                                   D. I’d love

50.         Your fur coat look very expensive. -“…. ”- It was secondhand.

A. Yes, it does                         B. I’m sorry                                          C. Really? It wasn’t expensive       D. No it isn’t

151. Each of us must take ______ for our own actions.

A. probability                             B. ability                                        C. possibility                                        D. responsibility

152. These quick and easy _______ can be effective in the short term, but they have a cost.

A. solve                                   B. solvable                                           C. solutions                                           D. solvability

153. John is _______ only child in his family so his parents love him a lot.

A. a                                          B. an                                                      C. the                                                     D. no article

154. According to the boss, John is the most _______ for the position of executive secretary.

A. supportive                         B. caring                                               C. suitable                                             D. comfortable

155. She got up late and rushed to the bus stop.

A. came into                          B. went leisurely                                  C. went quickly                                    D. dropped by

156. Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.

A. help                                     B. prepared                                          C. be busy                                             D. attempt

157. Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.

A. happen                               B. encounter                                        C. arrive                                                D. clean

158. What are the _______ of that country? – I think it is some kinds of cheese and sauces.

A. drinks                                 B. beverages                                        C. grains                                                D. special dishes

159. Peter tried his best and passed the driving test at the first _______.

A. try                                       B. attempt                                            C. doing                                                 D. aim

160.Where is Jimmy? – He is ____ work. He is busy ____ his monthly report.

A. on / for                               B. in / about                                         C. to / through                                      D. at / with

161. With greatly increased workloads, everyone is _______ pressure now.

A. under                                  B. above                                               C. upon                                                 D. out of

162. -“Let’s have a pizza.” -“__________”

A. Not again                            B. It doesn’t matter                             C. It’s a good idea                            D. Not really

163. ________, women are responsible for the chores in the house and taking care of the children.

A. With tradition                     B. On tradition                                     C. Traditional                                    D. Traditionally

164. All of the students are __________to pass the entrance examination in order to attend the university.

A. obsessed                              B. obliged                                              C. obtained                                        D. observed

165. It is important to have someone that you can__________in.

A. talk                                       B. speak                                                C. confide                                           D. know

166. Most adjectives can be used to __________a noun.

A. precede                                B. advance                                           C. occur                                              D. stand

167. Which of the following sentences has the correct word order?

A. She walks usually past my house in the morning.                      B. She in the morning walks usually past my house.

C. She usually walks past my house in the morning.                      D. She walks usually in the morning past my house.

168. She is a kind of woman who does not care much of work but generally _____ meals, movies or late nights at a club with her colleagues.

A. supposes                            B. discusses                                          C. attends                                             D. socializes

169. I didn’t think his comments were very appropriate at the time.

A. correct                                B. right                                                  C. suitable                                             D. exact

170. You should _______ more attention to what your teacher explains.

A. make                                  B. get                                                     C. set                                                      D. pay

171. Body language is a potent form of _______ communication.

A. verbal                                 B. non-verbal                                       C. tongue                                              D. oral

172. Our teacher often said, “Who knows the answer? _______ your hand.”

A. Rise                                     B. Lift                                                    C. Raise                                                 D. Heighten

173. This is the instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals are appropriate.

A. matter                                B. attention                                          C. place                                                 D. situation.

174. They started, as _______ gatherings but they have become increasingly formalized in the last few years.

A. informal                             B. informally                                       C. informalize                                      D. informality

175. Children who are isolated and lonely seem to have poor language and ________.

A. communicate                   B. communication                              C. communicative                              D. communicator

176. The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always _______ in response to questions.

A. attention                            B. attentively                                       C. attentive                                           D. attentiveness

177. Pay more attention _______ picture and you can find out who is the robber.

A. to                                         B. for                                                     C. at                                                       D. on

178. – What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary! – _______

A. Thank you very much. I am afraid                                             B. You are telling a lie

C. Thank you for your compliment                                                 D. I don’t like your sayings

179. In _______ most social situations, _______ informality is appreciated.

A. Ø / Ø                                   B. the / an                                             C. a / the                                               D. the / a

180. – What_______ beautiful dress you are wearing! – Thank you. That is _______ nice compliment.

A. Ø / Ø                                   B. the / Ø                                              C. a / a                                                   D. the / the

181. ______ you wanted to ask your teacher a question during his lecture, what would you do?

A. As                                        B. As if                                                  C. Even of                                            D. suppose

182. With black hair and eyes, she is_________of the people from her country.

A. the same                             B. typical                                               C. similar                                            D. identical

183. Military is_________in this country. Every man who reaches the age of 18 has to serve in the army for two years.

A. compulsory                        B. optional                                            C. illegal                                              D. unnecessary

184. People tend to work hard at this_________of life.

A. distance                               B. stage                                                  C. space                                              D. level

185. Concern for the environment is now at the_________of many governments’ policies.

A. core                                      B. aim                                                    C. target                                              D. purpose

186. Why don’t you have the document_________?

A. photocopy                          B. to photocopy                                   C. photocopying                               D. photocopied

187. What is minimum entrance _________for this course?

A. condition                             B. requirement                                     C. certificate                                      D. ability

188. The writer could not be at the ceremony, and his wife accepted the prize on his_________.

A. absence                               B. remembrance                                  C. behalf                                             D. reminder

189. When the post finally fell _________. They offered it to Brian.

A. vacant                                 B. vacantly                                           C. vacancy                                         D. vacancies

190. Is English a compulsory subject or a(n) _________one at high school here?

A. obligatory                           B. mandatory                                       C. obliging                                          D. optional

191. If you understand a matter thoroughly, that means you understand it_________.

A. hardly                                  B. hard                                                   C. completely                                    D. scarcely

192. Having read the passage three times, _________.

A. it was difficult for me to understand                                             B. I still couldn’t understand its main idea

C. the main idea of it was not clear to me                                         D. it made me confused about its main idea

193. There was no one else at the post office. I_________in a queue.

A. didn’t need to wait             B. mustn’t wait                                     C. needn’t have waited                    D. needn’t wait

194. Not only did he win the first prize, _________.

A. and he was given a place at the university                                   B. so he was given a place at the university

C. but he was also given a place at the university                           D. for he was offered a holiday abroad

195. The questions on the test were too long and difficult. I found it_________to finish them on time.

A. possible                               B. impossible                                        C. possibility                                      D. possibly

196. The old woman spent her _________life living with her only daughter.

A. entire                                    B. total                                                   C. complete                                        D. quite

197. Burning garbage pollutes the air with_________ordours. {ordour[C]: smell}

A. pleasant                              B. unpleasant                                       C. pleasure                                         D. pleasing

198. There was a _________table in the middle of the room.

A. Japanese round beautiful wooden                                                 B. beautiful wooden round Japanese

C. beautiful wooden Japanese round                                                 D. beautiful round Japanese wooden

199. It was just a friendly get-together. Everyone was wearing_________clothes. No one needed to be well-dressed.

A. formal                                 B. casual                                               C. unimportant                                  D. unfriendly

200. _________candidates are likely to succeed in job interviews.

A. Nervous            B. Self-conscious                 C. Self-doubt        D. Self-confident

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