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Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?

[Chuyên mục – Bài luận tiếng anh] – Topic: Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?

One of the most famous inventions in 20th century is television and nowadays we cannot deny its influence to our life. There is a common question that has television destroyed communication among friends and family? I personally believe that television has not destroyed communication among friends and family. In this essay I try to explain my opinion with some reasons.

First of all, television is the most common media which is found in each home. It is faster than newspaper to tell the news, more economical than Internet to access information. Television not only is an enjoyable device for everyone but also joins family members together and brings them good time, for example they can talk about their favorite actor
or actress, watching football and betting on their favorite player.

Another reason is that these days people are very busy with their works and have not enough time to go cinema and theater instead television provides for them this chance to have a similar one. Moreover, nowadays towns have become more and more crowded and people do not know each other, while television builds a smallest town with its famous faces and interesting programs.

The last but not the least, in this century human put satellites in the spatial circuits and with relationship between each television set with these satellites the entire world can become unit. In the other words, we can be informed about world news in one second.

Thus, with the above statements that I mentioned, I still believe that television has built a uniform world that let us be aware from all things about it rather than it destroyed communication between us.

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