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Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 3

[Luyện thi đại học môn Tiếng anh] – Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 3.

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1. I am two years________than my brother.

A. elder                                    B.more elder                C. older                                    D. more old

2. His father works much__________than he does.

A. hard                                    B. hardly                      C. harder                      D. more hardly

3. This is the beach_________I spent most of my time.

A. which                      B. where                      C. that                          D. when

4. Your Enghlish is very_________. You speak English very__________.

A. good/good               B. good/well                C. well/good                D. well/well

5. The south of England is characterized as________ the North.

A. flat as                      B. flat than                   C. flater than                D. flatter than

6. She plays the piano_________than I do.

A. more beautifully                                         B. quite beautifully

C. most beautifully                                          D. as beautifully

7. Are you used__________on your own?

A. at work                    B. to work                    C. to working               D. with working

8. The doctor advised__________ to give up smoking.

A. that he                     B. to him                      C. for him                    D. him

9. She enjoys watching movies_________make her laugh.

A. they                         B. what                                    C. which                      D. who

10. The Anglo-Saxons_________a Germanic language which_________the basis of modern English.

A. spoke/form             B. spoke/forms                        C. speak/formed          D. speak/forms

11. American English has no some spelling rules________are different from______in British English.

A. which/them             B. which/those             C. who/them                D. who/those

12. I had no difficulty_____ to her English.

A. listen                       B. to listen                   C. to listening               D. listening

13. Emails are ______ among young people than the elders.

A. widely more used                                        B. more used widely

C. more widely used                                        D. more widely

14. The novel “Tom Sawyer”, ______ was written by Mark Twain, is my all-time favourite.

A. that                          B. what                                    C. which                      D. who

15. Everything ______ they said was true.

A. which                      B. what                                    C. how                         D. that

16. Yesterday she had to do a difficult English test for ______ she did not prepare.

A. it                             B. that                          C. which                      D. what

17. There wasn’t much ______ they could do to help.

A. that                          B. which                      C. what                                    D. still

18. Huy told me about his English course, ______ he’s enjoying very much.

A. what                                    B. which                      C. that                          D. in which

19. In recent years Vietnamese students have learnt foreign languages, of ______ English is clearly the most popular.

A. that                          B. those                       C. which                      D. them

20. Lodon is the city in _____ I was born.

A. where                      B. which                      C. that                          D. there

21. Do you know a shop ______ I can buy a computer?

A. Æ                            B. which                      C. where                      D. in where

22. When _______, Newton already showed his talent in Sciences.

A. he a boy                  B. was a boy                C. boy                          D. a boy

23. If you_________more slowly, he would have understood you.

A. spoke                      B. would speak                        C. spoken                    D. had spoken

24. Your house has_______ nice furniture.

A. such                                    B. such a                      C. so                            D. so a

25. The more expensive the hotel,___________the service.

A. better                       B. best                         C. the better                 D. the best

26. I come from Seattle, ________many successful companies like Microsoft and Boeing are situated.

A. which                      B. where                      C. that                          D. Æ

27. If it________too cold, we could go on a picnic.

A. isn’t                                     B. wouldn’t be             C. weren’t                    D. wouldn’t be

28. If they didn’t live so far away, I_________ them every week.

A. visit                         B. visited                     C. will visit                  D. would visit

29. If the questions________not too difficult, we______them.

A. were/could answer                                      B. are/ could answer

C. were/ can answer                                         D. are/ can answer

30. One of the_______diseases mankind has to face______cancer.

A. worst/ are                B. worse/ are                C. worst/ is                   D. worse/ is

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