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Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 2

Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 2.

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1. The students are bored _______learning the same subjects.

A. of                            B. at                 C. in                                         D. with

2. There ________many kangaroos and koalas in wild forests in Australia.

A. are                           B. is                 C. be                                        D. have

3. My sister started working as a teacher two years______.

A. before                     B. ago                          C. for                           D. now

4. I hurt ______when I fell.

A. my                          B. my own                   C. mine                                    D. myself

5. It is not easy______a high-paid job.

A. find                         B. finding                    C. finds                                    D. to find

6. Would you like the doctor______?

A. coming                    B. to come                   C. come                       D. comes

7. My husband wants me______this letter before afternoon.

A. to post                     B. posting                    C. post                         D. posts

8. If you study harder, you______pass the examination.

A. will                          B. would                      C. could                       D. should

9. She doesn’t like going______in the sea in summer.

A. to swim                   B. swimming                C. to be swimming       D. swim

10. Many people in the world are fond______football.

A. of                            B. with                         C. in                             D. for

11. The evening was spent_________.

A. to play and to talk                                       B. to play and talking

C. playing and talking                                      D. playing and to talk

12. That’s the best film I________.

A. saw                         B. have ever seen        C. see                           D. am seeing

13. I am afraid of______by the strong wind.

A. taking away                                                 B. take away

C. being taken away                                        D. being taking away

14. What will you do when you_______school?

A. will finish                B. finished                   C. finishing                  D. finish

15. You can pass the exam by_______harder.

A. studying                  B. study                       C. to study                   D. to be studying

16. It is raining hard. We had better_______at home tonight.

A. staying                    B. to stay                     C. stay                         D. to be staying

17. He has been out of work________a long time.

A. since                       B. for                           C. when                       D. in

18. How are you? I haven’t seen you________ages.

A. since                       B. for                           C. in                             D. at

19. When I came home, my father_________a magazine.

A. read                         B. reads                       C. was reading             D. has read

20. I__________play with dolls when I was small.

A. enjoyed                   B. hated                       C. started                     D. used to

21. People now live_________than before.

A. well                         B. the best                    C. as well                     D. better

22. _________of people gathered in front of the church.

A. A hundred               B. Hundred                  C. Hundreds                D. Two hundred

23. She dances__________than her sister.

A. beautiful                                                     B. the most beautiful

C. the most beautifully                                                D. more beautifully

24. We stayed in the Grand Hotel__________is very near the beach.

A. where                      B. when                       C. which                      D. it

25. Last year, a new bridge over the Black River_________.

A. was built                 B. built                         C. is built                     D. builds

26. This is the bus________goes to Lodon.

A. where                      B. it                              C. what                                    D. which

27. Ho Chi Minh City is_________than Hanoi.

A. more noisy              B. noisy                       C. more noisier                        D. noisier

28. On a summer Sunday, most of the roads are crowded________cars.

A. with                         B. of                            C. for                           D. at

29. It________him two hours to finish the exercise.

A. take                         B. took                         C. to take                     D. taking

30. I speak French________than my sister.

A. gooder                     B. better                       C. more good               D. more well

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