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Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 1

Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng anh – TEST 1.

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1. If we built more hospital, we could ______ better care of people.

A. get                           B. do                            C. take                         D. give

2. If smokers stopped smoking, their health would be _________.

A. prevented                B. improved                 C. harmed                    D. reduced

3. Human beings should stop cutting __________ trees.

A. down                       B. up                            C. on                            D. over

4. Human beings are _________ their environment.

A. concering                B. destroying               C. breaking                  D. demolishing

5. Luckily we still have _________ water in the house.

A. little                         B. a little                      C. few                          D. a few

6. These students are keen _______ learning foreign languages.

A. with                         B. of                            C. on                            D. by

7. She is ___________ the best ten students.

A. out of                      B. among                     C. in                             D. between

8. Pollution greatly affects the life  of _________ animals.

A. while                       B. wine                                    C. wild                         D. whilst

9. Don’t you get tired ________watching TV every night?

A. with                         B. by                            C. of                            D. at

10. I can’t stand _______on the underground when it is busy.

A. travel                       B. traveling                  C. to travel                   D. to traveling

11. Don’t be afraid _____the dog. He’s quite harmless.

A. in                            B. of                            C. at                             D. for

12. I had a headache, and the doctor asked me _______some aspirin.

A. took                                    B. to be taking             C. take                         D. to take

13. I am ________of gardening and growing a wide variety of flowers.

A. fond                                    B. keen                                    C. surprised                 D. fed

14. Mary is______ in gardening. She can work in the garden for hours.

A. excited                    B. exciting                   C. interested                 D. interesting

15. Every day I spend two hours _______ English.

A. practise                   B. to practise                C. practising                 D. practised

16. This is the place _______ I was born.

A. where                      B. what                                    C. which                      D. that

17. I don’t mind _______ if you’re tired.

A. drive                       B. drives                      C. to drive                    D. driving

18. She did all the work ______ her own.

A. by                           B. on                            C. for                           D. at

19. Have you seen Peter lately? I’ve been looking ______ him this week.

A. at                             B. in                             C. for                           D. into

20. They decided ______ to Japan for their summer holiday.

A. going                       B. to go                                    C. go                            D. to going

21. She hasn’t written to me ______.

A. already                    B. yet                           C. never                       D. ever

22. She is too ______ with her work, so she doesn’t have time to go out with her friends.

A. bored                      B. busy                                    C. fed  up                    D. tired

23. His parents think it’s time for him _______ married.

A. gets                         B. get                           C. to get                       D. got

24. She has learned English for 3 years, and she is good ______ English now.

A. by                           B. in                             C. for                           D. at

25. A heavy storm swept through the village and many people________.

A. kill                          B. killed                                   C. are killed                 D. were killed

26.It is David ______broke the glass.

A. which                      B. whom                      C. who                         D. whose

27. Smoking is bad for your health. You had better ______it up.

A. to give                     B. give                         C. giving                      D. to be giving

28. The flat is very noisy, ______we enjoy living there.

A. but                          B. and                          C. for                           D. so

29. I hope you don’t mind me ______so late at night.

A. telephoning                                     B. to telephone

C. telephone                                        D. to have telephoned

30. It took three and half hours_________ to Singapore.

A. to fly                                   B. flying                      C. to be flown                          D. fly

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