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Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia (Phần 8)

Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia (Phần 8) – CHỦ ĐỀ: BÀI TẬP VỀ TỪ LOẠI.

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1. He felt …with the results of his exam.

A. disappointing         B.disappointed            C.disappointedly         D.disappointment

2. Don’t be afraid. This snake is …..

A. harm                       B. harmful                   C.  harmless                 D. unharmed

3. Fortunately, the plane landed….after the violent storm.                          B.safely                       C.unsafe                      D. safety

4. During his ……., his family lived in the United States.

A.child                                    B. childhood               C.childlike                   D. childish

5. She did the job………

A.succeed                   B.successful                C. successfully            D.unsuccessful

6. There are a lot of… in this company.

A.attractive                 B.attracted                  C.attract                      D.attraction

7. Five years ago, we started to preserve the…….houses and landscapes.

A.tradition                  B. traditions                C.traditional                D. traditionally

8. Before modern……likes gas and electricity, the fireplace was used for both heating and cooking.

A.conveniently            B.convenience             C. conveniences          D.convenient

9. There are small ………between British and American English.

A.different                  B.difference                C. differences             D. differently

10. Some species of rare animals are in……..of extinction.

A.danger                     B.dangerous                C. dangerously            D.endanger

11. His pronunciation causes me a lot of…….

A.difficulties               B.difficult                   C.difficultly                D.difficulty

12. The equipment in our office needs………..

A.modern                    B.modernizing            C.modernized                         D.modernization

13. Computer is one of the most important…….of the 20th century.

A.inventings                B.inventions                C. inventor                  D. inventors

14.These building are part of our…….heritage.

A. nation                     B. national                   C. nationality              D. native

15. There are many addresses of the _________ sites included in this book.
            A. historical                 B. historic                    C. historian                  D. history
16. Your money will be refunded if the goods prove to be ________.
            A. satisfying                B. dissatisfied             C. satisfactory             D. unsatisfactory
17.    He’s doing a course in business ________ for further advancement in his career.
            A. manageability         B. manager                  C. management           D. managerial
18. There are many interesting _________ events included in this book.
            A. historical                 B. historically              C. historian                  D. history

19. ________, there are no such so-called ghosts.
            A. Science                   B. Scientist                  C. Scientific                D. Scientifically
20. Recently pop-rock music has decreased in ________.
            A. popular                   B. popularizing            C. popularity               D. popularly
21. You should _________ yourselves with some grammatical terms.
            A. familiar                   B. familiarity               C. unfamiliar               D. familiarize

22. This is a _________ measure to cope with the problem.
            A. weighty                  B. underweight           C. overweight             D. weightless
23. The ________ was a success; the patient will fully recover in a month’s time.
            A. operate                   B. operation                C. operator                  D. operating

24. That teacher is a(n) _______ one. His pupils like his sense of humor.
            A. amusing                  B. amused                   C. amusement             D. self-amused
25. It is just a small area with about 100,000 _______.
            A. inhabitations           B. inhabitants              C. habitats                   D. inhabits
26. She takes a great interest in ______ matters.
            A. mystified                B. mysterious              C. mystery                   D. mysteries
27. There’s still a lot to be done about the _________ of the victims in the earth-quake.
            A. houses                    B. housework              C. household               D. re-housing

28. It was a(n) ________ mistake that he made.
            A. ashame                   B. shameful                 C. ashamed                 D. shameless
29. Man has witnessed a great many significant _________ of science and technol-
ogy in the past few decades.
            A. accomplishes          B. accomplished          C. accomplishments    D. accomplishers

30. You have to wear special clothes to work in the lab for the ________ of yourself.
            A. protective               B. protector                 C. protection               D. protectiveness
31. You have to be aware of the damage humans are doing to quicken the ________
of wildlife.
            A. extinct                    B. extinctive                C. extinctions              D. extinction
32. The restaurant is now under new ________.
            A. manager                  B. manageable             C. management           D. manager
33. Although some societies are _________ undeveloped, their languages, from a
linguist’s point of view, are very complex.
            A. technology             B. technologically       C. technological          D. technologist
34. It was such ________ news that they all sat there saying nothing.
            A. worry                      B. worried                   C. worrying                 D. worryingly

35.The sea turtle is a/an…….species. It may soon no longer exist.

A. danger                    B. endangered             C. dangerous               D. endanger

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