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Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia (Phần 3)

Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia (Phần 3) – CHỦ ĐỀ: BÀI TẬP ĐỘNG TỪ NGUYÊN MẪU, DANH ĐỘNG TỪ.

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1.I finally finished……at 7 p.m and severed dinner.

                            A. cooking               B. to cook                    C. cooked                    D. cook

2. We intend……away with the old system once we have developed a better one.

                            A. doing                   B. to do                        C. do                            D. to have done

3. The old man is said……….all his money to an old people’s home when he died.

                            A. to leave               B. to leaving                C. have left                  D. to have left

4. The blackmailer denied……………….the photographs to the actress.

                            A. send                    B. to send                    C. sent                                     D. having sent

5. Would you mind……me a hand with this bag?

                            A. give                     B. to give                     C. giving                      D. to have given

6. Jack got into trouble when he refused……….his briefcase for the customs officer.

                            A. opening               B. to open                    C. being opened           D. to be opened

7. I’m sorry I never graduated. I’ve always regretted not…………college.

                            A. to finish              B. finish                       C. finished                   D. having finished

8. Alice didn’t expect…………to Bill’s party.

                            A. asking                 B. being asking                        C. to ask                      D. to be asked

9. The cost of the material is………in the bill for the work.

                            A. include                B. included                  C. including                 D. includes

10. Tom is not used to………up early. He is late for school very often.

                            A. get                       B. to get                       C. getting                     D. got

11. Can you help me………in this application form?

                            A. fill                       B. to fill                       C. filling                      D. A & B

12. I don’t remember……….of the decision to  change the company policy on vacations.

                            A. telling                  B. to tell                       C. being told                D. to be told

13. He’d prefer………….chicken soup rather than………milk.

                            A. having / having   B. have / drink                         C. to have / drink         D. had / drank

14. He prefers……….to ………….nothing.

                            A. work /do                         B. working / doing       C. to work / to do         D. to work / do

15. Arthur pretended not……hurt when his younger sister bit him.

                            A. to have been        B. to have                    C. having                     D. be

16. Thank you for the invitation. What time would you like…….?

                            A. we come                         B. us to come               C. we to come              D. that we come

17. It was such a funny sight that we couldn’t stop……

                            A. laughing              B. to laugh                   C. laugh                       D. to laughing

18. Do you mind….the cooking?

                            A. do                       B. doing                       C. to do                        D. for doing

19. She’d rather die than…..Peter.

                            A. she married         B. marrying                  C. to marry                  D. marry

20. My father won’t let me………..up late when I was a child.

                            A. to be stay                        B. staying                     C. to stay                     D. stay

21. Please forgive me. I don’t mean……you.

                            A. upsetting                         B. to upset                   C. being upset              D. to be upset

22. I am ….single-handed, I don’t need any help.

                            A. used to sail          B. used to sailing         C. used for sailing        D. using sail

23. It isn’t worth…….in that river as it is polluted.

                            A. fish                     B. go fishing                C. to fish                      D. fishing

24. I’ll remember………him about the fair when I see him.

                            A. tell                       B. to tell                       C. telling                      D. told

25. It’s a beautiful day. Would you like  to go…..?

                            A. to sail                  B. sailing                      C. to sailing                  D. for sailing

26. Jane should seriously consider….an actress. She is a talented performer.

                            A. to become           B. became                    C. becoming                D. will become

27. Did the teacher explain how…….this problem?

                            A. do we solve         B. can we solve           C. to solve                   D. solving

28. I expect Mary………here early tonight. She should arrive in the next half hour.

                            A. to come               B. coming                    C. having come            D. to have come

29. She arranged ……….her friend in the afternoon as the weather was fine.

                            A. to be meeting      B. to meet                    C. meeting                   D. to have met

30. They spent a lot of time…….about what they would do if they had a lot of money.

                            A. talk                      B. talked                      C. talking                     D. to talk

31. I learn quite a lot of language simply by………people.

                            A. listen to other      B. listening to others    C. listening to other      D. listen to others

32. The baby continued………even after she was picked up.

                            A. being crying        B. having been crying C. having cried                        D. to cry

33. I got Barbara………borrow he car for the week.

                            A. let me                  B. to let me                  C. let me to                  D. to let me to

34. Any time you choose…….about another person, you rist a painful, but rarely fatal, broken heart.

                            A. care                     B. cared                       C. to care                     D. caring

34. There is no need………a broken heart stop your life.

                            A. to let                    B. letting                      C. let                            D. and let

35. He denied……..on Sera’s toe during the dance.

                            A. step                     B. to step                     C. stepped                    D. stepping

36. The teacher spent an hour ________ the new lesson.
                            A. explain                B. to explain                C. explaining               D. explained

37. Many young people are fond of ___________ football and other kinds of sports.
                        A. play                         B. to play                     C. playing                    D. played
38. There’s no point ______ a fuss over it.
                        A. to make                   B. making                    C. being made              D. to be made
39. ‘Let’s have dinner out this evening,’ said George.
            A. George wanted to have dinner out alone.                B. George suggested having dinner out.
            C. George invited them having dinner out.                  D. George let others have dinner out.
40. A lot of things ________ to the house before we can move in.
            A. need be doing         B. need to be done       C. need being done      D. need to do
41. The little girl wasted half an hour ________ for her picture book.
            A. look                                    B. to look                     C. looking                    D. looked
42. The boy forgot ________ the newspaper for his father on his way home.
            A. buy                         B. to buy                      C. buying                     D. bought
43. It was a nasty memory. Do you remember both of us wearing sunglasses to avoid_________ by the supervisors?
            A. to recognize                        B. to be recognized      C. recognizing              D. being recognized
44. I remember _________ them to play in my garden.
            A. to allow                   B. allow                       C. allowing                  D. allowed

45. ‘No, I didn’t steal anything from her,’ said Henry.
            A. Henry confirmed that he had stolen things from her.
            B. Henry refused to steal things from her.
            C. Henry denied stealing things from her.
            D. Henry said no to stealing things from her.
46. ‘If I were you, I wouldn’t send this information to her,’ Harry said to Andrei.
            A. Harry said that he would send the information to her on Andrei’s behalf.
            B. Harry advised Andrei to send the information to her.
            C. Harry encouraged Andrei sending the information to her.
            D. Harry wanted to become Andrei in order to send the information to her.

47. May I borrow your car tonight, dad?
            A. Would you mind letting me drive your car tonight, dad?
            B. I’d like to lend you my car tonight, dad.
            C. Shall I borrow your car tonight, dad?
            D. You don’t lend me your car tonight, do you?

48. He remembers _______ to the zoo once a month when he was young.
            A. taking                      B. to take                     C. being taken              D. to be taken

49. She told him ______ up late.
            A. not to staying          B. that he not stayed    C. to stay not               D. not to stay

50. ‘You ought to slow down a bit,’ the doctor told him.
            A. The doctor begged him to slow down.        B. The doctor made him slow down.
            C. The doctor threatened him to slow down.   D. The doctor advised him to slow down.

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